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The Ultimate Guide to Hookah Accessories

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The Ultimate Guide To Hookah Accessories
In this article, we’ll show you the ultimate guide to hookah accessories, so you can make the most of your hookah journey.

The Ultimate Guide to Hookah Accessories

You’ve got yourself a hookah, and you’re ready to enjoy the smooth and flavorful smoke, but wait, there’s a catch! Even the fanciest hookah pipes need some love and care to achieve the best smoking experience.

To make the most of your hookah journey, make sure you have the right heat management systems and a quality bowl. This includes getting the packing density just right for your type of tobacco, using the best charcoal you can find, and carefully controlling the heat during the session.

Think of the hookah as your trusty steed, carrying your shisha bowl's output to your hose for a smooth and satisfying ride. But, the real magic happens with the right accessories, making all the difference in the clouds you produce and the overall experience of your session.

Why Quality Hookah Accessories are a Game-Changer

With the rise of new products and accessories in the shisha industry, you can now enjoy smoother sessions, richer flavors, and even healthier smoking. In this article, we'll guide you through the best hookah accessories for the ultimate shisha experience.

Let's tackle an essential aspect of hookah enjoyment before diving into the top hookah accessories: Charcoals. Say goodbye to round, instant-light charcoals and opt for the healthier and tastier option of coconut cube charcoals lit with a starter. It may take an extra 10 minutes to get going, but the reduced toxins and enhanced flavor are well worth it.

Your hookah experience is only as good as your hookah accessories.

That's why it's important to invest in high-quality items that improve both the quality and aesthetic of your sessions. And, most importantly, you'll have peace of mind knowing you're not inhaling any harmful chemicals or particles.

Cheap replicas and clones may use cheap manufacturing methods that release toxins when exposed to high temperatures.

Avoid low-quality accessories, especially those that come into direct contact with the smoke you're inhaling.

Quality materials not only ensure a healthier experience, but also provide a more durable product that lasts longer. Shisha Nova only stocks accessories from reputable brands made with high-quality materials.

Elevate Your Shisha Game with These Must-Have Hookah Accessories

Hooking up your hookah with the right accessories is the key to having a fantastic shisha experience! You want the smoke to be rich and flavorful, so the first things to consider are heat management devices and head bowls made from top-notch materials. They're just as important as the hookah itself! And don't forget about the charcoal and aluminum, they play a big role too.

Next up are carbon filters and diffusers, which will make the smoke even denser and enjoyable while reducing the harmful toxins. But that's not all, the other hookah accessories we've got in store will help you elevate the aesthetic appeal of your hookah, improve the draw and sensation, and much more.

The must-haves for an ideal hookah session:

  • Bowls
  • Heat Management Devices & Heat Controllers
  • Premium Coconut Charcoal
  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil
  • Carbon & Nicotine Filters
  • Diffusers

And the essentials for hookah beginners:

  • Hoses & Handles
  • Hygienic Mouth Tips
  • Tongs
  • Foil Punchers
  • Charcoal Starters

You can also add these optional beginner essentials to make your hookah packing station complete:

  • Oyster size packing forks, stirring rods, and lochers
  • Packing Mats
  • Tobacco Storage Jars
  • Charcoal Transporters or Baskets
  • Cleaning Tools

And to take your hookah game to the next level, check out these extras for aesthetic and presentation:

  • Purge Sleeves & Blow Off Adapters
  • Light Stands & Platforms
  • Molasses Catchers
  • Tower Extenders

We'll highlight the key accessories and the rest are self-explanatory. Check out the individual product descriptions for more info. We're constantly improving and updating our website, so stay tuned as we'll touch upon every aspect in due time.

Let's delve deeper into the various forms of the most important hookah accessories and understand their functions.

Essential Hookah Accessories: Functions & Forms

Buying My First Hookah: A Beginner’s Guide To Choosing The Perfect Pipe And Smoking Like A Pro


Traditionally, shisha bowls were made from red terracotta clay or other materials such as ceramic. These bowls had thermal properties that resulted in premature overheating or burning of the flavored tobacco mix, which often led to shorter sessions and higher costs, especially in areas where shisha tobacco is expensive.

However, the introduction of bowls made from higher quality clay mixtures, such as white clay, has addressed these issues. Modern bowls are more economical and efficient, making the higher price point worth it in terms of saving on tobacco costs alone. Additionally, these bowls also result in more savory sessions with richer flavors. This is achieved by preventing overheating and cooking the flavor at the proper temperature that does not scorch the tobacco, but instead vaporizes it. Using a heat management device can further enhance the experience.

With so many options available, choosing a shisha bowl can be overwhelming. It doesn't have to be!

From phunnel-style bowls to traditional Egyptian/Turkish-style bowls, there are hundreds of shapes, sizes, and designs. Each bowl has a specific purpose, depending on factors such as the type of tobacco, the duration of the session, and the type of heat management device used.

In a separate blog post, we'll provide recommendations for all different types of applications, including a breakdown of our top 10 bowl recommendations. We'll also create a post on the different packing styles and densities, depending on the bowl choice and type of tobacco used.

Heat Management Devices & Heat Controllers

Heat management devices (HMDs) are the key to a fantastic and efficient shisha experience. They evenly distribute the heat from your charcoal which can enhance the flavor, prolong the session, and reduce the amount of harmful chemicals inhaled. Most heat management systems create a gap between the platform and the charcoal to prevent charcoal black-out by allowing oxygen flow and keeping the charcoal lit.

When talking about HMDs, it's important to note that the term often refers to foil-free devices, while the broader term “heat management system” encompasses all three types:

  • Foil-free heat management devices.
  • Heat controllers for use with foiled bowls
  • Foil-free chimney devices.

One of the most popular heat management devices is the Kaloud Lotus. It is available in three generations of models and is widely known for its versatility, especially with the Lotus I+. This model is compatible with many bowls made by third-party brands. The Lotus is designed to be used as a foil-free HMD and many bowls are compatible with it, especially the I+ model. The Lotus stands out from other heat management devices with its patented spinning lid, although there are other cost-effective options available.

Kaloud Krysalis Upward Purge Adapter

Fun Fact:

The use of a Lotus and Ayara Activated Carbon Filter on a standard hookah decreases carbonyl compounds by 83.2%, PAH by 90.5%, VOC by 91.2% and CO by 60.8% as determined in an independent research study funded by Kaloud.​

If you opt to use aluminum foil, a heat controller such as the AOT Provost II is highly recommended. It helps to evenly distribute the heat across the foil to prevent burning and provide an even cook. The lid allows you to regulate heat, much like the Kaloud Lotus HMD. Experienced smokers tend to note that they notice richer flavour with a Provost over any other form of heat management. Casual smokers will typically not notice any difference.

There are also budget-friendly alternatives for heat control with foil, such as screens, flavor savers, and spacers that go between the foil and charcoal.

Another option for heat management is through the use of a chimney device, also known as a bro-hood. They are low maintenance and beginner-friendly, making them ideal for those on a budget or new to shisha. Chimney devices fit on a series of bowls specifically made for use with them and do not require foil. They are popular in lounges because of their affordability and ease of use.

All three options for heat management are effective, and the choice should be based on your specific needs. Whether you choose the Kaloud Lotus, AOT Provost II, or a chimney device, the most important thing is to choose a method that works best for you.

Dschinni Coconut Cube Hookah Charcoal Scattered Over Packaging

Coconut Charcoal: An Essential, Yet Often Overlooked, Part of Shisha

Although technically not classified as an accessory, charcoal plays a crucial role in any shisha setup. It's important to note that the quality of charcoal used can greatly impact the overall experience.

That's why we are big advocates of using coconut charcoal and advise against using instant light charcoal at all costs.

When it comes to brands, there are many to choose from and each has its own set of pros and cons. For example, ash production, odor, heat output (calorie content), longevity, ash color, and solidity can vary greatly from brand to brand. That's why we recommend the Dschinni Premium Coconut Cubes. These have been highly regarded by both us and our many experienced customers who have tried many popular brands and still prefer the Dschinni Cubes. The reviews speak for themselves.

Most brands offer a variety of sizes, but at the moment, Dschinni only offers the larger 26mm size, which works well when using two cubes in a HMD or with 2-3 cubes on a heat controller or chimney device. For those who are just starting out, Genie Coco is a great option, with options available in all sizes. To determine the quality of charcoal, a simple test is to throw a lit charcoal on concrete. If it does not break into pieces, it's a sign that the composition is good and no fillers have been used, which would usually decrease the quality of the charcoal.

When lighting your charcoal, use a charcoal starter or open flame stove, and allow 8-15 minutes for the coconut cubes to fully light. After placing your charcoal over the shisha head, wait an additional 5-10 minutes to preheat before starting to smoke. This will lead to a longer and richer smoking session.


Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil

It is important to note that not all aluminum foils found in grocery stores are suitable for use with hookah bowls. These foils are often too thin and may need to be double-layered to prevent burning and maintain the flavor, but most are just in between. Shisha foils, on the other hand, are made thick enough to be used without layering. There are also extra-thin shisha foils available for rare purposes, such as dark leaf tobaccos or for those who prefer traditional packing methods. In general, a heavy-duty foil that is wide enough for your bowl is sufficient.

Pre-poked foils for modern bowls are not recommended as they often have too many or too few holes. It is best to make the holes yourself by hand. 

This may seem like common knowledge to the enthusiast shisha user, however a good portion of the shisha users who speak to us in our store don't seem to be aware of this when we bring it up.

The Ultimate Guide To Hookah Accessories

Carbon and Nicotine Filters

Kaloud has designed a carbon filter that can be attached to the bottom of most hookah immersion tubes, offering an extra layer of filtration for the carbon produced by the charcoal. They come in both small and large sizes to fit the width of your immersion tube. Additionally, there are mouth-tip style nicotine filters that can be attached to the end of the hose to reduce the nicotine output during your shisha session.


Diffusers can be added to the bottom of the hookah's immersion tube to reduce the bubbling sound and increase the amount of time the smoke spends in the water before being released into the base chamber and then into the hose. This has a cooling effect, reduces draw restriction, and creates denser and cooler clouds. Most modern hookahs come with a built-in or pre-installed diffuser. Some even offer the added benefit of being able to adjust the openness of the diffuser for even greater control over your smoking experience.

Steamulation Cooling Diffuser
Dschinni Leather and Carbon Hookah Hose and Handle On Lamborghini Urus Seats

Hoses & Handles

The invention of silicone hoses has revolutionized the hookah accessory market by offering a durable, long-lasting option that can be easily cleaned. This stands in stark contrast to traditional hoses, which were not washable due to the metal cord inside that would rust, and plastic hoses, which had to be replaced every few sessions.

Today there are many styles of handles, hoses and even reusable hygienic mouth tips. Most are universal with one another, offering you a wide range of options to customize your hookah setup with.

Here are the most common hose items on the market today:

  • Silicone Hoses
  • Handles or mouthpieces to be used with the silicone hose.
  • Traditional Hoses
  • Plastic Hoses

Oyster size packing forks, stirring rods and lochers.

Although optional, these accessories make packing a breeze.

Molasses catchers

The Molasses Catchers are a common accessory in the hookah community so we thought we should mention it even though it is not essential. This accessory helps to prevent the buildup of sticky residue in the hookah stem and base and is particularly useful for frequent smokers. However, it's important to note that Molasses Catchers may slightly restrict the draw of your hookah. They typically connect under the bowl or the ashplate of the hookah and catch the molasses juice that sweats down from the hookah bowl.

Purge Adapters & Sleeves

Purge adapters and sleeve systems are becoming a popular accessory among hookah enthusiasts, especially for those who value aesthetics. These accessories allow the exhaust smoke from purging to be redirected along the stem or around the ash plate of compatible hookahs, resulting in visually appealing effects like waterfalls and steam whistles. Although not essential, these additions can enhance the overall hookah experience.


Understanding the different forms and functions of essential hookah accessories is crucial in maximizing your shisha experience. Whether it's heat management devices, bowls, hoses, molasses catchers, or purge adapters, each accessory plays a specific role in enhancing the overall quality of your smoke session. Knowing the importance of each accessory can help you prioritize what you need and which accessories will have the greatest impact on your experience. By investing in high-quality accessories and utilizing them properly, you can take your hookah experience to the next level.

Dschinni Aztec Living Room Hookah Infront of Shisha Nova VA Logo.

Maximizing Your Hookah Experience Through Proper Accessory Use

It is important to note that even the most expensive hookah pipe will not result in the best smoking experience without the proper use of high-quality heat management systems and a good quality bowl. This includes proper packing density for your type of tobacco, the use of good quality charcoal, and the proper management of heat throughout the session. The hookah is simply a mode of transportation for the output of your shisha bowl to cool down and reach the hose you are smoking from. The main effect of the hookah is on the smoothness and openness of the draw, the rest lies on the most essential accessories of this guide.

Understanding the functions and forms of these accessories, and choosing the right ones for your hookah, will elevate your shisha game and result in a memorable and satisfying session.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned hookah smoker, Shisha Nova's ultimate guide to hookah accessories will help you navigate the world of hookah accessories and make the most of your hookah journey.

So there you have it!

Review these few simple tips to make the most of your hookah journey. Remember, moderation is key, and it's important to enjoy shisha responsibly.

Happy smoking!

In conclusion, hookah accessories are a vital component to enhance your hookah experience.

Investing in high-quality items that improve both the quality and aesthetic of your sessions is crucial for a healthier and more enjoyable experience. Shisha Nova is dedicated to sourcing only the highest quality accessories and properly informing customers on their use. From heat management devices to premium coconut charcoal, from diffusers to carbon filters, there is a wide range of accessories that cater to every need and preference.

Have questions? Find answers!

Frequently Asked Questions

The best accessories to use for a hookah session are those that prioritize quality and performance. The most important accessories to invest in are a good quality bowl, and a heat management system paired with premium coconut charcoals.

A good quality bowl will ensure that your shisha is evenly heated and flavors are properly extracted, while a heat management system will regulate the temperature and maintain a consistent level of heat for a smooth and flavorful smoke. In addition, using premium coconut charcoals, which burn hotter and longer than traditional briquettes, will reduce ash and improve the overall taste of your shisha.

With these key components in place, you’ll be able to enjoy a truly elevated hookah experience.

So you’ve had a great hookah session, but now it’s time to put everything away. First things first, give that bowl some time to cool down before cleaning to avoid cracking the clay. Remove any hoses that could be in the way and make sure everything is safe. To extinguish the charcoal, grab your trusty tongs to hold the coals under running water to put them out. Alternatively, you can leave them on the hookah as long as they’re in a safe and monitored area. Then, sit back and relax as they turn to ash on their own – just make sure to keep an eye on them. And remember, safety first!

A clean hookah is a happy hookah! To avoid any molasses or other build up, make sure to clean your gear regularly. Designate a special place for all your shisha gear, like a kitchen cabinet or a corner in your house. If you’re a collector, you can get creative with your organization techniques! Make it suit your taste and house decor.

 The key to an amazing hookah experience is a good quality bowl and a heat management system that works together in harmony. Don’t let mediocre accessories ruin your session – invest in the right gear and you’ll be on your way to hookah heaven!
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