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Shisha Nova Tote Bags: A Journey Through Montreal’s Garment Legacy

Embark on a journey with the Shisha Nova Tote Bags, a tale told not just through fabric but through the annals of Montreal’s rich industrial heritage. Our bags are handcrafted right in the heart of Montreal’s Garment District, a beacon of North America’s textile industry.

Montreal’s Garment District: A Backdrop:

Montreal’s Garment District, colloquially known as the “Schmatta District”, is steeped in history, spanning back to the late 19th century. It was a bustling hub where immigrants, primarily of Jewish descent, breathed life into Canada’s clothing industry. These talented artisans and entrepreneurs transformed the city into the fashion capital of Canada.

Fast forward to today, while much has changed with modernization and globalization, Montreal’s Garment District remains a nostalgic testament to a time of handcrafted excellence and industrious spirit. It’s where craftsmanship met commerce, and traditions merged with innovations.

Shisha Nova’s Commitment:

By choosing to produce our tote bags in this historic district, Shisha Nova pays homage to a legacy of craftsmanship. Our bags are more than mere accessories—they carry the weight of tradition, the ethos of sustainability, and the spirit of a community that once was the epicenter of Canada’s textile artistry.

Embrace a piece of Montreal’s rich tapestry with every Shisha Nova Tote Bag you carry. They aren’t just bags; they’re stories woven in fabric, waiting to be told.


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